University Club Policies

Dress Code

One of the hallmarks that sets a private club apart is the assurance that certain expectations will be met. Private clubs have always had dress codes and the University Club is no exception. The intent of a dress code is to maintain an environment that is comfortable to all members and conducive to a fine private club. It is a courtesy to others and a guarantee that any member or guest can expect a respectable level of dress from others when attending the club.

The dress code applies to members of the Club, tenants of the Club who use the common areas and all guests.

Common Inside Areas, Excluding the Fitness Center

The dress code throughout the common areas of the University Club is Smart Casual, which is defined as clothing that is neat and professional but not necessarily formal. Leggings are permitted if worn with a top or sweater that covers to mid-thigh (3 inches above the knee). Dress hats are permitted in the common areas of the Club; however, ball caps and stocking hats are not permitted, and must be removed when entering the clubhouse.

Prohibited Dress

  • Ripped clothing of any kind
  • Skirts, shorts and dresses shorter than mid-thigh
  • Leggings if worn with a top or sweater that does not cover to mid-thigh
  • Suggestive clothing
  • Pajamas
  • Stocking hats
  • Clothing with offensive words or slogans

Athletic Attire

Athletic Attire is permitted in the Lobby, only, if passing through to the Fitness Center or Club backyard. Bare mid-riffs (bikini tops) must be covered at all times in the clubhouse, even when passing through to the backyard or to use the restrooms.

Fitness Center and Club Backyard

Athletic attire is permitted in the Fitness Center and Club Backyard only. Baseball caps are permitted in the Fitness Center, but must be removed when passing through the clubhouse. All shoes worn in the Fitness Center must be close-toed, but open-toed shoes and sandals are permitted in the Club Backyard. The Club Backyard employs a casual dress code - swimsuits, beach and pool wear are all permitted.

Children's Attire

Children 13 years of age or older should comply with the adult dress code. For children under the age of 13, we ask compliance with our standard of acceptable casual dress. For example, collared shirts tucked into slacks or shorts. Athletic footwear (sneakers) is acceptable. Flip-flops, beach or pool wear are only permitted in the Club Backyard. Children 13 years of age or younger dressed in their “Sunday best” (dress, bowtie, suit, etc.) receive a complimentary Shirley Temple, soda, or dessert (parent’s choice).

Exceptions & Additional Notes

  • Exposed tattoos are allowed only in the fitness center and pool facility
  • Certain Club events may have specific dress codes; it will be published for that event