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How to Choose a Wedding Florist

Flowers are a great way to anchor your theme and elevate the look of your wedding. But how should you go about choosing a florist? Should you go with a company or an independent vendor? Should you get a friend to do it? Should you consider faux flowers instead of fresh?

Here’s a starter kit to help you think through choosing a florist:

Check with Your Venue

Some ceremony and reception sites have approved vendor lists and/or limitations on the floral arrangements that can be brought in. (For example, there are some places of worship that may already have live plants and flowers in place that can’t be relocated, so you will need to work around their selections.)

Get Inspired

Unless you already know for sure what look you want, start browsing Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. That way, when you connect with your florist, you’ll have an easier time communicating what you want.

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Decide What You Need

A florist can help you talk through your final selections, but it makes sense to go into a conversation with a florist knowing roughly what types of floral arrangements you want. How many bouquets? How many arrangements on reception tables? Do you want additional flowers at either the ceremony or reception, or both?

Plan a Budget

One of the first questions a florist will ask is how much you have to spend. You don’t need an exact number, but you’ll definitely want a range in mind. Flying in 10,000 exquisite orchids from overseas in January is only a great idea if it fits your budget.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask your married friends if they had a great experience with a florist. Websites and Instagram pages can help with inspiration, but a personal recommendation goes a long way.

Meet in Person and Ask to See Their Work

If possible, schedule an in-person interview with a top candidate (or a few top candidates). Ensure that you have the opportunity to see examples of actual work that they’ve done (not just pictures they like from other florists).

Be Clear on Your Wishes

Many florists are happy to take the wheel when it comes to making decisions on flowers, but if you have clear expectations for the look and/or the budget, it’s important to communicate as clearly as possible. If you won’t be able to afford everything you want, make sure to prioritize the elements that matter most.

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