Michael Zuehl

Michael Zuehl

Weight Loss & Strength Training

Michael Zuehl is a University of Montana graduate with a B.S. in Health and Human Performance Exercise Science. He has extensive knowledge of the human body and personal fitness. Michael’s passion is in helping people live a healthier happier life. He has experience working with a variety of individuals from first time gym goers to elite athletes.

Michael specializes in weight loss, lean muscle mass and strength gain, sports specific, special population, and overall health and fitness training. He is passionate about clients and their goals both inside and outside of the gym. Using his background in exercise physiology, nutrition and sports medicine, Michael implements both physical exertion and personal nutritional coaching into his programs.

Michael delivers attentive, personalized, and detailed training sessions, specific to each client’s goal. He grew up a three sport athlete playing soccer and basketball, as well as running track. In his leisure time he enjoys being outdoors playing a variety of sports and staying active.

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