Clubs Within The Club

Through the Grapevine

Through the Grapevine is a "club within a club" that meets monthly to learn about wines. This group is limited to 20 guests but in NOVEMBER the club opens up to all members so they can learn about pairing wines for their Thanksgiving Dinner. Host Chuck Kanski  will share his tips and tricks to choosing and serving the perfect turkey day wines!

$25.00 per guests~ This is a club favorite

Through the Grapevine i(separate from our Wine Club) for people who want to know more about wine. It’s hosted by Chuck Kanski, the wine expert behind Solo Vino. Through the Grapevine will be an exclusive group, limited to 20 people to make sure everyone can ask questions and participate. Whether you’re an experienced wine connoisseur or a total beginner, you’ll be sure to expand your wine horizons.

Sign up now, before it’s full! THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE For all aspiring sommeliers. Monthly meetings limited to 20 guests.

January 28th RSVP
2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm (execpt November and no meetings December/June/July
Sue Katsiotis