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GK Chesterton Society

Based in Minnesota, the G.K. Chesterton Society does everything it can to revive interest and scholarship in the writings of G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936). Chesterton was a prolific English critic and author of verse, essays, novels, and short stories, who, with George Bernard Shaw, Hilaire Belloc and H.G. Wells, was among the big Edwardian men of letters. Between 1900 and 1936, Chesterton published some one hundred books, and the Society meets monthly at The University Club to discuss these works.

The Twin Cities Chesterton Society has been meeting at the University Club the last Tuesday of every month (except December) at 7 pm  for23 years! The group discusses the writings and ideas of the great English author G.K. Chesterton, one of the most prolific and profound writers of the last century. While there are usually assigned readings by or about Chesterton to discuss, some meetings are lectures or special presentations. The subjects include literature, philosophy, theology, history, political and social theory,poetry, and of course, detective fiction. Always a lot of laughs and a lot of arguing.


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Last Tuesday of every month except December
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