The Summit Avenue Clubhouse

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summit room

The Summit Room was originally the Clubhouse's main dining room. The ample windows provide natural light and splendid views of Summit Avenue, the downtown skyline, and the Mississippi River Valley. Original wood paneling, an ornate plaster ceiling, and the wood-burning fireplace create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

Summit Room can accommodate:

150 guests | round and rectangular tables
120 guests | round tables of 8 and 10
200 guests | theater style
200 guests | reception style
60 guests | half moon rounds

st. paul university club, terrace


This light-filled space was originally a canopied open terrace. Now enclosed in order to be enjoyed year-round, the terrace features large windows overlooking downtown. It is often used in conjunction with the Summit Room. 

The Terrace can accommodate:

125 guests | reception style
48 guests | rounds tables of 8

library, st. paul university club


Nothing evokes cozy sophistication like a grand library. The Club's extensive literary collection lines the walls of the Library, which offers a great view and an ideal setting for smaller gatherings or meetings. Blackout curtains make the room A/V friendly for media presentations.

The Library can accommodate:

20 guests | conference style
40 guests | reception style

casual room, events, st. paul university club

casual room

Casual Room can accommodate:

16 guests | rectangular tables

st. paul university club, overlook room

overlook room

The Overlook Room earns its name from the splendid view of the historic Burbank-Livingston-Griggs House, Summit Avenue, and the Mississippi River Valley. Expansive windows and a wood-burning fireplace make this room ideally suited to a wide array of meetings, parties, and dinners. 

The Overlook Room can accommodate:

25 guests | open square
80 guests | reception style
60 guests | round tables of 8

varsity grill, st. paul university club

varsity grill

The Varsity Grill can accommodate: 

40 guests | round tables
75 guests | reception style


Saint Paul Athletic Club

grand ballroom, wedding, event, st. paul athletic club


Grand is an understatement. As the Saint Paul Athletic Club's main dining room, the Grand Ballroom has been painstakingly restored to its original (1917) appearance. It features breathtaking detail, including an intricate ornamental plaster ceiling, dark marble walls, and two-story windows. 

The Grand Ballroom can accommodate:

330 guests | round tables of 10
400 guests | theater style
400 guests | reception style
120 guests | conference style
180 guests | half-moon round tables of 6

the grill bar, st. paul athletic club, university club

grill bar

The arts-and-crafts era meets a traditional English pub in the Saint Paul Athletic Club's beloved Grill Bar. The Grill Bar features beautifully crafted English Oak paneling, decorated plaster ceiling and period light fixtures. With capacity of more than 100 people, the Grill Bar is well suited to business meetings and social functions of all kinds. Its location adjacent to the Grand Ballroom makes the Grill Bar a splendid addition for beverage service at larger events.

The Grill Bar can accommodate: 

150 guests | reception style
60 guests | round tables of 10
25 guests | solid rectangle
48 guests | conference style
20 guests | u-shape table

st. paul athletic club, university club
lobby bar, st. paul athletic club


Reminiscent of the grand hotel lobbies of the early part of this century, the Downtown University Club foyer boasts a magnificent wood-burning fireplace, marble floors and columns, and a new full service bar adjacent. The lobby, the other areas of the building, is furnished with period and antique furnishings.

The Lobby can accommodate:

400 guests | reception style
160  guests | theater style
*plated dinners are not available in the lobby

butlers, restaurant, st. paul athletic club, bar


Butlers can accommodate:

120 guests | round tables of 10
150 guests | reception style

william morris room, st. paul university club

william-morris room

The William-Morris Room can accommodate:

16 guests | square tables
20 guests | conference style
30 guests | round tables
30 guests | reception style

oak room, st. paul university club

oak room

The Oak Room can accommodate:

48 guests | conference style
90 guests | round tables
60 guests | solid square tables (3)
120 guests | reception style