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University Club of St. Paul

Clubs within the Club

The University Club's calendar is filled with various opportunities to learn new things, discuss ideas, and meet other members. Below is a listing of groups members are invited to join, and further details about scheduled events can be found both in the University Club's monthly newsletter, The Lookout, and in our Club Events Calendar.

  • Alliance Francaise
    • Alliance Francaise of Minneapolis/Saint Paul holds its monthly "l'aperitif en francais" at the University Club every second Thursday of the month. University Club members are invited to join members of Alliance Francaise, its instructors, and staff to practice their skills in conversational French.
      Alliance Francaise was first organized in Paris in 1883. A Federation of French Alliances was organized in 1902 to coordinate the programs and activities of existing groups worldwide and to serve as link with the Alliance in Paris. The Minneapolis/Saint Paul chapter is part of a network of 1,300 similar organizations worldwide in more than 112 countries, 165 of which are located in the United States. The Twin Cities group was started in the 1920s by a small group interested in the language and culture of France, and now has 975 members. Since 2010, Alliance Francaise has held their annual Bastille Celebration at the University Club, a fun cultural event featuring live music, French food, face painting, petanque games, a vintage car display by the Citroen Club of Minnesota, and, of course, lots of wine.

      Please contact for more information.
  • Beer Club
    • Beer Club is currently taking recommendations from our members on what topics they'd like to cover and what direction they'd like the club to move in. Beer tastings? Beer dinners? Presentations from vendors? Let us know!

      Please contact Dave Collins for more information and to give your suggestions.
  • Book Club
    • Our poolside Book Club (formerly known as Great Summer Reads Book Club) will continue indoors starting in October. Book Club will meet the first Tuesday of each month (which coincides with our half-price bottle of wine night), and book choices will be a group decision. All are welcome to join!

      Please contact Holly Weinkauf for more information.
  • Casa de España
    • This conversational Spanish group is open to all levels. Come meet fellow members and friends and practice speaking Spanish and learning from others.

      Please contact Marisa Parzenczewski for more information.
  • Cass Gilbert Society
    • The Cass Gilbert Society first formed when representatives of prestigious organizations visited Saint Paul to view the State Capitol in 1997. The visiting delegates from the U.S. Federal Courts System, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Supreme Court collaborated on a project that would celebrate the centennial of famous Minnesota architect Cass Gilbert in New York City.

      With interested parties including the Minnesota Historical Society, the Capital Area Architectural and Planning Board, the Cass Gilbert Society was formed in 1998. The society's mission is to preserve and enhance the nation's cultural heritage through advancing scholarship and appreciation of Cass Gilbert's contribution to American architecture. Gilbert is considered to be among the best of American architects and is also referred to as the father of the modern skyscraper. He designed many public buildings throughout America, including the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. In Minnesota, he is known for designing the State Capitol building and many private homes in the Historic Cathedral Hill District of Saint Paul.

      The Cass Gilbert Society frequently presents lectures at the University Club and also organizes tours of sites throughout the United States that are home to Cass Gilbert designs.

      Please contact Ted Lentz for more information.
  • Cheesebrough Varsity Blues Croquet Club
    • The University Club's Croquet Club, known as The Cheesebrough Varsity Blues, was formed in 1986 by founder and "father" of the croquet program, G.R. Cheesbrough (1937-1993), former University Club member and internationally-known illustrator, humorist and affable character.

      Today, the Croquet Club plays and practices
      at "home" at Lookout Park. The Club is a member of the United States Croquet Association (USCA) and the Twin Cities Croquet Society.

      Croquet season at the Club typically runs May - October.

      Please contact Ned Rupp for more information.
  • Documentary Night
    • One of our most popular member events, Documentary Night is held throughout the year. All ages are welcome!

      Next showing: How to Die in Oregon on Wednesday, September 30th at 7:30pm

      How to Die in Oregon received a rare 100% rating from Rotten Tomatoes:

      "As medical technology has extended the human life span far beyond what many believed possible only decades ago, a growing number of people face the dilemma of having their lives artificially prolonged beyond a point they regard as necessary or desirable. In 1994, the state of Oregon addressed this issue by enacting the "Death with Dignity Act," which allows terminally ill patients the right to opt for physician-assisted suicide. Filmmaker Peter D. Richardson looks into the philosophical and practical implications of this law in the documentary How to Die in Oregon. Richardson features interviews with journalists, lawyers and physicians as they talk about the efforts to legalize physician-assisted suicide, as well as patients and their families as they struggle with the decision of just when is the time to say they've lived long enough, with a special focus placed on Cody Curtis, a woman in her mid-50s fighting an uphill battle with cancer. The film received its world premier at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival and was the Documentary Grand Jury Prize winner at the Sundance Film Festival. The film had its television premiere on HBO, one of its primary funders."

      Please contact Robert Byrd for more information.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald Round Table
    • A literary society based out of the Twin Cities, the F.Scott Fitzgerald Round Table meets at the club once a month, six months out of the year, to discuss Fitzgerald's writings as well as works by his wife Zelda and other contemporaries of his.

      Please contact Jeannie Hanson for more information.
  • G.K. Chesterton Society
    • Based in Minnesota, the G.K. Chesterton Society does everything it can to revive interest and scholarship in the writings of G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936). Chesterton was a prolific English critic and author of verse, essays, novels, and short stories, who, with George Bernard Shaw, Hilaire Belloc and H.G. Wells, was among the big Edwardian men of letters. Between 1900 and 1936, Chesterton published some one hundred books, and the Society meets monthly at The University Club of Saint Paul to discuss these works.

      Please contact Dale Ahlquist for more information.
  • Great Books
    • The Great Books group meets monthly at the University Club as a part of the Great Books Foundation (formed in 1947) whose mission is to promote reading, thinking, and the exchange of ideas amongst people of all ages. Monthly readings by authors ranging from Aristotle to Thomas Hobbes to Leo Tolstoy provide a wonderful opportunity for members to participate in lively in-depth discussions about great literature.

      Please contact Meg King for more information.
  • Investment Club (IClub)
    • The University Club of Saint Paul's Investment Club meets monthly to discuss its investment portfolio. The monthly meeting format includes a report on the status of the portfolio and the individual investments. Individual members report on which investments they have been pursuing, and discussions and comments are encouraged on each individual report. Guests are always welcomed to participate in discussions.

      Please contact Eugene Mason for more information.
  • John Adams Society
    • The John Adams Society (JAS) holds various discussions and debates at the University Club of St. Paul throughout the year. This group exists to provide a forum for conservative political and philosophical debate, but it is not a political organization. At the present moment, the JAS has about 100 Members representing a broad spectrum of professions and varieties of conservative philosophies, even spanning political parties. Its membership includes lawyers, businessmen and women, MN legislators, students, scientists, and political activists, among others. Past guests at society debates have included members of the state legislature and candidates for high political office. The political philosophies represented in the Membership include traditionalists, libertarians, religious conservatives, free marketeers, and a great many other varieties of conservative thought which are difficult to cubbyhole.

      Debate topics are chosen so that a conservative could reasonably fall on either side of the issue. The John Adams Society tries to obtain a balance between political, issue-oriented topics, and those with a more philosophical bent.

      Please visit the John Adams Society website for more information about past debates, upcoming topics, and how to become a member. University Club members are welcome to join in the debates.

  • Knitting Club
    • Our newest Club within the Club will hold its first meeting on Monday, October 5th and continue its monthly meetings on the first Monday of every month thereafter. Knitters of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to attend.

      Please reach out to Patty Herrera for more information.
  • Reach in Reach Out
    • Do you feel like you'd benefit from a little more encouragement and support in living a healthy life? Do you love Saint Paul and want to give back alongside your fellow members? Then this is the group for you! Reach In-Reach Out explores wellness, fitness, mindfulness, and develops and implements volunteer activities for the University Club and Saint Paul Athletic Club members.

      Please contact Carol Engelhart for more information.

  • Readings by Writers
    • Sponsored by Public Art Saint Paul/Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk and hosted by Saint Paul's first poet laureate, Carol Connolly, Readings by Writers presents interesting new authors, poets, and their work at the University Club every month. Readings by Writers is free to members and guests.

      Please contact Carol Connolly for more information.
  • Wine Club
    • The Wine Club gathers once a month to explore wine from different regions of the country and world. Topics differ at every meeting, but members can expect to sip interesting wines during each session and enjoy exploring the different colors, tastes and smells each glass has to offer. This club is member-driven, and all members ages 21 and up are welcome to join! The cost is $10/meeting.

      Please contact Cory Biladeau for more information.